assembly and automation

Precision machinery

to ensure our machinery is precise and producing of the greatest quality,

Machine tools are tested in real-world settings before being delivered to our customers to guarantee that the machine, its individual components, and the control software are all working properly. The results of the tests are then analyzed in the control room, which has the most up-to-date equipment, to ensure that our machinery is precise and of the greatest quality.

assembling & automation

Assembly and automation have changed and are transforming manufacturing

ORSKOREA provides measuring/testing machines, assembly and automation systems for bearings and various automobile parts manufacturers worldwide.

design & planning

Done by qualified ORSKOREA’s senior members from design and manufacturing team.

provide solution

Refurbish or provide necessary solution depending on product condition

Assembly & inspection

Assembled according to appropriate preload level. Equipment’s use in the process: SCHENCK & SHIMATSU B.M brands

completed examples

Eddy Current Crack Testing Machine


Noise & Vibration Detection Machine



DAC Bearing Greasing Machine


Damper Ring Assembly Machine


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With nearly 20 years of experience manufacturing grinding machines and spindles, we built a solid network with several Korean automotive and electronics companies.