IMTS 2022 In Chicago USA

ORSKOREA participated the IMTS 2022 from Sep. 12th to Sep. 17thThrough this opportunity, We will expand in the Grinding Machine market in the United States and toward the global market.

Employee Quality Control Training

On Aug 17th, employee education training hosted by Mr. Jinsu KIM was held at ORSKOREA. The topic was the Advanced Quality Control. We at ORSKOREA understand the importance of quality control and will keep putting an effort to create the best environment for our continuous improvement.

Employee Training for Better Teamwork

On July 1st, ORSKOREA prepared an employee training. The main topic was the ‘Value of Working Together’. This event was prepared by a well-known Korean hiker, Mr. Park Jeong-heon. Mr. Park survived after serious body injuries at the Himalayan mountains in 2005. However, after 7years, he finally made it to conquer the Himalayan mountain in 2012. […]

ORSKOREA Slogan Contest

Recently ORSKOREA held a slogan contest for employees. Five representative slogans with the meaning of “A good company having an energetic atmosphere that people are willing to work at”, the core values of the company, were selected. This competition is meaningful not only in rewarding employees, but in creating a more cooperative and positive atmosphere […]

Signed an agreement with Korea Maritime & Ocean University

On June 16th, ORSKOREA signed a agreement to train university students and promote cooperation with Korea Maritime & Ocean University(KMOU). ORSKOREA recognizes KMOU for their rich talent pool and enthusiastic undergraduate students, while the university recognizes ORSKOREA as a source of on-site job training and business know-how. ORSKOREA will keep seeking more of this kind […]

Vektora visit

On May 11th, ORSBEARINGS and VEKTORA members have visited ORS Korea.For the ORSKOREA’s future development, we are now preparing to apply the SAP enterprise resource management system that can efficiently manage entire business including processes in finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain and more.This meeting was held for investigating the general environment of ORSKOREA which […]

Federal Mogul İzmit Piston ve Pim Üretim Tesisleri A.Ş. Visit

On may 9th, Federal Mogul İzmit Piston ve Pim Üretim Tesisleri A.Ş. members visited ORSKOREA for the SGC500K project. The pre-acceptance test of the Centerless grinding m/c has finished successfully. We at ORSKOREA would like to share appreciation of everyone’s effort and support to lead this project successful. ORSKORER will always be committed to providing […]

Grindtec 2022 In Augsburg Germany

ORSKOREA and ORS BEARINGS have attended the Grindtec 2022 from 15th-18th of March as an exhibitor. We will keep looking for the chances to participate in foregin exhibitions to expand our global market.