overhaul / repair service

Grinding Machine Maintenance

The safe working speed of the abrasive wheel is marked on the wheel,

Before we begin, let us state unequivocally that every time a wheel is placed or remounted on a machine, the operator must verify the wheel and machine’s speed to ensure that the wheel is not operating at an excessive speed. The safe working speed of the abrasive wheel is marked on the wheel, and the usual operating speed of the machine is marked on the machine. NEVER go faster than the wheel’s safe working speed, which is indicated in RPMs or Surface Feet Per Minutes (SFPM). Failure to comply with this criterion is not only extremely dangerous, but it also violates ANSI safety standards and OSHA regulations.


Check for internal and external damages that occurred from use


Analyzed to determine if a replacement is needed or if it can be repaired


Quotation will be provided for the client’s approval


each step is photographed and analyzed in detail

Repair Service

repairing various types of machines and spindles for well-known brands for over 20 years.

clean & disassemble

Clean the disassembled parts (by hand with ultrasonic wave and anti-rust chemicals)

parts procurement

Purchase the spare parts (bearings and/or other necessary parts)

provide solution

Refurbish or provide necessary solution depending on product condition

design & re-manufacture

Design and re-manufacture of damaged parts (Done by qualified ORSKOREA’s senior members from design and manufacturing team)

Adjust the balance

Adjust the balance of the parts including the shaft (balancing grade 1G or below based on ISO standard)

Assembly & inspection

Bearing is assembled according to appropriate preload level. Equipment’s use in the process: SCHENCK & SHIMATSU B.M brands

Grinding Machine Overhaul / Repair Service

reborn From rusty machines to new ones


Precision Test & Trial Operation

finalize the perfection to the best

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With nearly 20 years of experience manufacturing grinding machines and spindles, we built a solid network with several Korean automotive and electronics companies.