Remote & On-premise Support

Repair & Support Services

expert support

We want to make sure your grinders, lathes, and other industrial tools last as long as possible. The SBM team is ready to help you with your machine maintenance needs, whether it’s preventative maintenance, service calls, or remote assistance.

remote support

allow operators to focus on the important tasks required to keep their companies afloat.

on-premise support

helps manage different areas of an organization's solution, including break/fix support


Cleaning of the disassembled parts (by hand with ultrasonic wave and anti-rust chemicals)


Refurbishing and necessary process as needed purchasing of parts (bearings and/or other necessary parts)


Inspection equipment’s use in the process: SCHENCK & SHIMATSU B.M brands


Balancing of the parts including the shaft (balancing grade 1G or below based on ISO standard)


Assembly (bearing is assembled according to appropriate preload level)

damaged parts

We separate un-reusable damaged parts to follow environmental law for sustainability.

Our Machine Support Services

Preventative Maintenance Program

Semi-Annual or Annual

Annual or semi-annual inspections are a proactive way to protect your machine investment. Upon examination, we’ll make recommendations and correct any faults that will help the machine run more smoothly and last longer. We’ll deliver the parts to keep your industrial machines working.

Machine Testing & Tune-Up

Keep Your Machine In Tip Top Shape

The SBM Service team can recommend auxiliary equipment and machine modifications to boost production rates and efficiency. The SBM Service team will assess your current processes and equipment and make recommendations ranging from minor enhancements such as bowl feeders to full integration of robotic loading and unloading systems.

Machine Re-Leveling

No More Crooked Machines

Industrial machinery that are used for lengthy periods of time with high activity are prone to being unleveled. A machine’s equilibrium can also be disrupted by strong earthquakes. You should expect finished parts to come out improperly and defective barreling and taper effects on your pieces if your machine isn’t level. Even with anchor bolts in situ, the surface can rattle in bad circumstances.

However, we’ll relevel your machine and get you back on the fast track to maximum production. Our technical support team checks your machine’s front-to-back and right-to-left levels with a professional machinist level, wedges, specialist adjusters, and other unique tools.

Support Service

On-site and Remote

Contact our service support team, and we’ll work with you over the phone or over video conferencing to resolve your machine issues. We can review and fix difficulties with you via video, especially for older equipment.

If the problem is more serious or dangerous, we can rule out resolving it remotely and send a professional to your location with parts in hand to resolve it (when we know what might be wrong).

Delivering The Service You Need When It Matters Most

Additional Industrial Machine Services

Our highly experienced specialists are here to assist your installation and service needs with a strong and excellent team of mechanical, programming, and electrical technicians. If necessary, translators are also available.

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